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Enrolling In A Contractor Test Preparation: Online vs Attending a School
Published November 2nd, 2023

Now with the advances in technology, more contractors are offered online courses versus traditional education. The obvious advantage is the flexibility in time if the student has already established commitments like a job or family. 

A traditional school still offers the advantage of attending a live classroom to interact and ask questions in real-time.

When deciding between a contractor test preparation school, there are pros and cons to inspect for both online and traditional schooling.

Online School

Online courses offer a multitude of benefits to adapt to a contractor's busy schedule. If coming home from work, dinner and duties still have to be fulfilled on a daily basis.

Perhaps after dinner and children are cared for, there's finally some time to sit down and learn. The advantage is not worrying about missing a class as everything is right there at their fingertips at the click of a login.

There are no commutes to the classroom or walking into a bad-hair day either. Whenever you learn your best, the online course is ready for you. This is a great option for those who like to learn late at night or early in the morning.

Traditional School

A traditional school offers a live classroom setting to help those who learn best in a group-structured dynamic. For those who easily lose focus or lack motivation, an isolated classroom might be more useful than at home with all the modern distractions of social media.

Arguably, the interaction component remains present in both schools but one is clearly more organic than the other. With disruptions in technologies or pre-recorded lectures, it's rather difficult to seek immediate answers. 

Hands-on learning is also more suitable for those who are tactile learners and needs to interact with equipment.


Though both types of school are attractive, it ultimately boils down to the individual.

The best way to find out to find out what suits your needs is to engage with the programs and schools directly. 

A possible option of a blended school might be the middle ground that would fit better. We provide a free study environment with  on-site  computers and the flexible come-as-you-please policy during open hours. Test preparation is also our specialty!

We recommend dropping us a line at Arizona Contractor License Center to see how we can help you, the contractor, get started quickly on your new business.


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