Arizona Contractor License Center

Serving Arizona Contractors Since 1972

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Our Purpose:

To empower people with information in a timely, accurate and concise manner that will allow them to make choices, grow and prosper.

What we do:

Arizona Contractor License Center is committed to providing contractors the necessary tools to pass their license exam, establish their entity, acquire their contractor license, secure bonding coverage, insure their risk and outsource their employer responsibilities. We provide Licensing and Business Solutions for Contractors.


About Us

In 1973 Robert C. Bowman became a licensed general contractor in Arizona, building both commercial and residential structures. Knowing that business is all about people, Robert dedicated himself to providing the highest quality workmanship that would benefit both himself and clients alike.

While establishing his well earned reputation, many construction industry associates turned to Robert for assistance in their licensing process. Seeing that the building industry was growing rapidly, Robert created Construction Seminars(now Arizona Contractor License Center) in 1984. Without losing sight that business is people, he quickly gained a new reputation as someone interested in helping others be successful in their business endeavors.

In 1993 Robert established the Utah Contractor License Center, in 1998 he created Affordable Business and Contractor Insurance, and in 2000 he established Trigon Staff Administrators.  All businesses to help contractors be successful in business.

In 2003 Robert sold both the Arizona and Utah Contractor Centers to his brother William Bowman and his business partner Michael Shadel, both of whom had been with Robert from the beginning. William Bowman and Michael Shadel share the same integrity, high moral standards and devotion to serving as the founder, and under their leadership both the Arizona and Utah companies have grown into the most successful contractor services organization in the country.

As of 2018, the Arizona Contractor License Center and the Utah Contractor License Center have collectively helped to license over 60,000 contractors, and they continue to remain the industry leaders, providing a full spectrum of services to contractors, to people, helping to ensure their long lasting success.