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About Us

The Founder: Robert Bowman

An Arizona licensed general building contractor since 1973, Robert C. Bowman has been responsible for building single family and high-density residential dwellings, commercial, industrial and medical facilities.
Robert moved into the role of educator and business facilitator when he established Contractor Seminars (now Arizona Contractor License Center and Utah Contractor License Center) in 1984 to provide exam preparation, company setup, licensing and bonding services to contractors in the states of Arizona and Utah.
Mr. Bowman established Affordable Business and Contractor Insurance in 1998 to assist Arizona and Utah contractor clients with their commercial and personal insurance needs.
Robert formed Trigon Staff Administrations in the year 2000 to help his contractor clients with their employer administrative responsibilities.
Since 2002, Robert has directed his talents and energy toward Trigon Staff Administrators, selling his interest in Arizona and Utah Contractor Center in 2002 and a majority interest in Affordable Business and Contractor Insurance in 2005.
Since 2000, Trigon Staff Administrators has grown into one of Arizona's top ten Arizona based PEO's with 3,000 active employees on their payroll.
Mr. Bowman's business philosophy has been to recruit individuals of high moral character, reliability and accountability while actively participating with an advisory committee to position his PEO for long term growth.

The owners: Michael Shadel and William Bowman

Michael and Bill assumed ownership of Arizona Contractor License Center in 2003.
They both remain committed to helping Arizona Contractors succeed in passing their test, setting up their business and completing the bonding and licensing process.
Michael Shadel started with founder Robert C. Bowman in 1984 doing seminars on the weekends once a month. What started out as an idea to help a couple of contractors with studying for their test has developed over time into Arizona Contractor License Center growing into one of the largest contractor schools in the country.
Michael has been responsible for developing curriculum and automation to enable Arizona Contractor License Center to handle the growth they have experience over the last 23 years.
William Bowman's role has been to help develop curriculum, oversight of staffing operations and the creation of financial systems to assure the long term growth and stability of the Arizona operations.
Contractor Test Preparation, Company Setup, Application Filing, Bonds, Business Services. A long time ago someone ask for help in getting a contractors license and someone said, I can do that.

Our Purpose:

To empower people with information in a timely, accurate and concise manner that will allow them to make choices, grow and prosper.

What we do:

Arizona Contractor License Center is committed to providing contractors the necessary tools to pass their license exam, establish their entity, acquire their contractor license, secure bonding coverage, insure their risk and outsource their employer responsibilities. We provide Licensing and Business Solutions for Contractors.