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Starting a new job can be a risky venture, especially if you're becoming self-employed. Self-employed means bearing all the burdens yourself. You invest in materials, training, transport and advertising. You put in the time, energy and enthusiasm needed for success. That's a huge investment for anyone to make. And it can equate to huge losses when things go wrong. No one wishes ill on any one, but bad things happen, even to the best, hardest working people among us. Jobs go bad, people get hurt, or even sued. If you're your own boss, you bear the cost of those events as well as the more day-to-day costs of operating your business.
Contractor Bonds: What You Need To Know

Posted on September 5th, 2023

As in most states, Arizona requires anyone applying for a contractor's license to supply a Contractor Bond (cash deposit) to the Registrar of Contractors. There are two stipulations regarding the bond: (1) the bond must be in the license applicant's name and (2) the amount of the bond must be for the pre-determined amount for that applicant's volume of work and contractor classification. The four contractor license types that all applicants for a license fall under are:
Contractor Licensing: How to get started

Posted on August 8th, 2023

Obtaining your contractor's license is the number one way to differentiate yourself from all the other people out there who call themselves a plumber, electrician, carpenter, etc. In other words, you are letting potential customers know you are the real deal, an actual skilled tradesperson who took the initiative to go the extra mile in your trade to establish yourself as a professional. You took the time to do the work, study, and take the necessary examinations in your state to obtain your license, and you can do the best work for your customers. Once you have your license, you can then, with confidence, bid on the higher-priced jobs in your state that require a permit and perform them with confidence. The Contractor Licensing process is a bit overwhelming to some, but do not let this stop you from going for you license. Assistance is available!
Tips For Contractor Licensing Exam Success

Posted on August 1st, 2023

To be a qualified, certified, licensed contractor, you must sit for some state exams and score good grades to receive your certifications. These certifications enhance your credibility as a contractor and are crucial in the construction industry. However, achieving success in these exams is not easy if you are unprepared. After weeks, months, or even years of learning the skills and practicing the details, it is time to prepare and sit for your exam. This article will take you through the tips, techniques and show you where to get resources so you can excel in your exam.
There are a lot of people who are paper contractors. Knowing if you are one is important so that you can determine what kinds of licensing you need and how to get your business on the right track.
Do you possess extensive knowledge of the construction industry and pride yourself on being a hard worker? Are you the entrepreneurial type, constantly on the lookout for that defining moment that propels you into the world of successful business ownership? Do you often daydream about taking charge, making impactful decisions, and signing crucial documents that bring dreams to life? If this resonates with you, this post is for you.
The construction industry is currently experiencing strong growth, which is creating opportunities for small businesses to succeed. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment in the construction industry has been steadily increasing since 2011 and is expected to continue to grow over the next decade. This growth is being driven by a number of factors, including an increase in construction activity, a growing population, and rising demand for new homes and buildings.
Successful companies require strong leadership and a clear vision. Here are some things leaders destined for growth are doing.
Scaling your construction business can be a challenge. One of the biggest obstacles you'll face is finding the right people to help you expand. It can be tempting to look for already licensed contractors to take on more work, but there are advantages to hiring from within and sponsoring or supporting employees who want to get their licenses.
Over the years, if your construction business grows considerably, you may be inspired to expand your operations beyond Arizona. However, the legal requirements and tax obligations of the state you'll be investing in may differ or resemble Arizona's. Thus, you should be more conscious by undertaking proper research before the actual time, among other aspects. Fortunately, here are three easy ways of expanding your construction business outside Arizona:
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