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    January 9th 2018 at 12:37pm
    You may want to consider starting your own business before you quit your job cold turkey. By doing it part-time, you can build up your business until you feel comfortable quitting your job entirely.
    November 28th 2017 at 4:00am
    You did it. You pushed past the fear, ignored those that deemed you crazy, and threw your entire life savings in to starting your small business. All so that you could finally earn a living doing what you love. Surprisingly, now that you have arrived, you find yourself doing a lot of things that you do not love, just in order to keep the business going.
    November 15th 2017 at 11:02am
    The construction industry is growing in Arizona, and the number of job opportunities is growing with it. If you are looking into the possibility of working in the construction industry in Arizona, here are a few of the pros and cons.
    November 15th 2017 at 10:19am
    In previous posts, we have talked about what bonds are and why bonds, as a general rule, are important. Today we wanted to talk a little bit more about license bonds and why you should have one if you plan to work in Arizona.
    November 2nd 2017 at 8:20am
    ​Love it or hate it, technology is here to stay. Some people embrace it but still others shun technology and avoid it at all costs. Where do you stand?
    November 2nd 2017 at 7:54am
    The road to successful self-employment is paved with long workdays, difficult decisions, and an ongoing succession of ups and downs. While the ultimate results can be immensely rewarding, the journey to becoming your own boss is one that some people are not cut out to complete. Below are five key signs that you are NOT cut out for self-employment.
    October 23rd 2017 at 12:58pm
    There is something special about being self-employed. You set your own hours, and you are your own boss. You also have all the responsibility to ensure that there is enough work scheduled to make ends meet. There are real rewards and significant challenges to self-employment.
    October 9th 2017 at 2:39pm
    One of the most frequently asked questions about becoming a contractor is whether or not it is a good idea to get your contractor's license. Here are two reasons why we think you should seriously consider it.
    September 19th 2017 at 1:15pm
    Construction is an industry that is relying heavily on migrant forces to help ensure that there are enough workers to keep the construction industry afloat. Fewer Americans are entering the job force as more and more prefer air-conditioned office jobs than hard work like construction. This raises massive concerns as the migration crisis seems to have come to a boiling point in the US as of late.
    August 31st 2017 at 12:00am
    What we do is simple. We give tradesmen the opportunity to take control over their own lives rather than having to do the bidding of their employers. You have already displayed for your employer the talent you had from the start. Whether you are a general contractor being hired out by your boss for a specific job, a great plumber helping your boss build his reputation as the master plumber in the region, the best electrician doing the same, a journeyman mechanical tradesman or even driving a truck today, you deserve the opportunity to run your own shop if you want that.
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