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See below for a brief description of the scope of work and the cost involved in applying for the license.  Note cost may vary based on needs and credit rating for bonds.

What types of contractor licenses are in Arizona?

The Arizona Registrar of Contractors issues separate licenses for commercial, residential, and dual (both commercial and residential), for each particular trade or field of a construction science profession.

What is considered residential construction?

Residential contracting is defined as construction on residential structures such as houses, townhouses, condominiums or cooperative units and apartment complexes of four units or less. Residential construction also includes any appurtenances on or within residential property lines, connection to utility service and sewer lines, meters and mechanical or structural service for any residential structure.

What is considered commercial construction?

Commercial contracting is anything other than residential.

How many years experience is needed?

The Arizona Registrar of Contractors publishes a document with how many years experience is required. You can access this form by clicking here to view the amount of years if any is required.

How do I prove my experience?

The Arizona Registrar of Contractors will accept this form for documenting your experience record. You can fill out one form per employer that you were considered a W-2 waged employee or just one form for all self employed experience.  If you are trying to waive the trade exam requirements you will need to use this form, you must complete for each license you are requesting a waiver for and submit it to the state where you have held a license. This waiver will not waive the Arizona Statutes and Rules Exam.


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