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Utah Contractor License Center specializes in training Utah contractors to pass the Utah state contractor’s licensing exams through our exam prep services . Our top contractor school shows you the ins and outs of contractor testing.

Our Commitment

Utah Contractor License Center is committed to your success. We have been helping contractors pass the Utah state license exams since 1993. We not only train you for your general contractor license, we also prepare you for specialty contractor licenses throughout the state of Utah. We have a full time staff working on our curriculum. Our computerized study system is designed to get you prepared in the shortest amount of time possible and when needed we are available to personally tutor and answer any questions you have. We are here to help.

Choosing the right license

Our Licensing Specialists will work with you to determine which Utah contractor license you need and insure that you meet all of the licensing criteria before you schedule for the state exams.


We have years of experience with test preparation, researching material, instruction and working with our clients one on one to help them through the testing and license preparation process. The reason our students pass the exam is our dedication to quality curriculum, in-depth knowledge of the trade subjects and the amount of time we spend with each and every student to assure their success.

Test Preparation Fees

Should you decide to prepare for the test on your own you will need to be prepared to pay hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in reference books for your preparation. By letting Utah Contractor License Center handle your test preparation, we have all of the reference materials you need, provide instruction and tutoring on the subject matter and work with you until you pass the test. All of this for $150 for the Business Law Test preparation and $250 for the Trade Test preparation (except Electrical) or $400 total if both tests are required for your license. Any Electrical Master or Electrical Journeymen test preparation is $350. All new contractors are required to take the Business Law test. Not all trades require a trade test.