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What Do I Need?

All individuals or business entities intending to engage in construction work in Arizona must obtain a state issued contractor license. One individual must be selected to act as the qualifier for the license, which requires the individual to pass the necessary tests and have the hands on experience prior to applying for the license. Each license requires a Business Management (CBME) exam to be passed, and most licenses require a trade specific exam also. Each license requires a number of year(s) of verifiable experience and projects.

Arizona Contractor License Center can assist you with the steps below:

  1. A desire to change your life and become a trade professional
  2. Determine which license to apply for based on your work experience and the type of work you wish to perform
  3. Study for the exam by using our NO Pass NO Pay Guarantee methods.
  4. Pass the test with PSI
  5. Search for a company name that is available at the Registrar of Contractors (ROC) and Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC)
  6. Select a form of company you wish to register as and select a reliable statutory agent representative
  7. Register the company name with the appropriate state agency
  8. Apply for a License and Tax bond
  9. Apply for a federal employer identification number
  10. Apply for a state transaction privilege tax number with the Department of Revenue
  11. If you have employees, provide proof of workers compensation insurance
  12. Fill out the work experience and project lists and have them notarized
  13. Fill out and file the licensing application with Arizona Registrar of Contractors (ROC)
  14. Wait to be issued.
Once you are an approved licensed contractor, you can run your business and we can help you stay in business with our payroll assistance services, insurance and bonding services, legal services and additional licensing services.

Customer service representatives are standing by to answer your questions and get you on the road to success!