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Effective Study Habits

Arizona Contractor License Center recommends the following steps to create better study habits. These steps along with your commitment to studying will ensure you pass the test.

Treat the Online Study Like a "REAL" Study

Attitude is everything.  While it is easy to think of online study as a convenience, it is far more productive to view it as a responsibility.  One of the easiest ways to ensure follow-through is to remember that you are paying to take the online study, just as you would for an in-office study. You must “show up” if you are going to get real value out of your study.

Hold Yourself Accountable

It is up to you to make sure you have allotted enough time to complete the study as suggested so you are not rushing through or failing to complete the modes. By being organized, proactive, and self-aware, you can get the most from your online study even when life becomes chaotic.

Practice Time Management

The flexibility to create your schedule is one of the biggest appeals of online study. But that freedom can also be detrimental if you do not have solid time management skills. Without them, you might easily find yourself cramming before the exam or failing to complete the study at all. Mark the exam date on a calendar you check regularly so that you have a visual representation of the time you have. Do not forget to factor in prior commitments that may interfere with your regular study schedules, such as travel, social commitments, or vacations, so you can give yourself enough extra time to complete the study. Create a weekly schedule that you follow, designating certain hours each day or week for studying. Commit to making your online study part of your weekly routine instead of “fitting it in” and set reminders for yourself to complete it.

Create a Regular Study Space

Set up a dedicated learning environment for studying. By completing your work there repeatedly, you will begin to establish a routine. Whether your workspace is your kitchen table, home office, or the corner booth in a coffee shop, it is important to determine what type of environment will work best for you. Make sure to have high-speed internet access so you are not trying to study over a lagging connection. When setting up your study space, make sure you have the books, highlighters, materials, and a calculator for the study.

Eliminate Distractions

From Netflix to social media to household chores, many distractions can easily derail your studies. Exactly how much of a challenge these distractions will prove to be will depend on your personality and situation. Some might find that they can tune out a noisy home by listening to music. Others might choose to work from somewhere other than home to eliminate their urge to multitask. You will need to find a strategy that works best for you. Also, consider turning your cell phone off to avoid losing focus every time a text message or notification pops up.