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***This Program will terminate the end of week of Aug 17-21, 2020***

COVID19 Provisional License Steps 

Arizona Contractor License Center will work with those seeking a Contractors license in Arizona to help through the license application process. This process can be started at any time and if time is of the essence, we recommend starting now as there are multiple agencies that need to be notified prior to submitting the application.

On this page, you will find a simple overview of the COVID19 Provisional LIcense steps you must take to get a contractor's license from the Arizona Registrar of Contractors. If at any time you have a question and the answer is not provided below, give us a call at 866.332.8453 or email at

  • Minimum Experience Requirements for a Qualifying Party

    The Qualifying Party must meet or exceed the license classification requirements for the license classification for which they are applying. The License Classification Requirements form provides the minimum number of years of experience and the types of examinations required for a Qualifying Party to be eligible for a specific license classification.  The qualifying party will need to fill out the work experience form and submit it with the application as the final step.

  • Schedule Test Date with PSI or Submit Passing Test Scores 

    To schedule your exam(s) call 1-800-733-9267, the fee(s) to schedule are one exam fee $66, two exam fee $116, if needed, solar portion only $40. The Registrar will continue to temporarily “waive” the examination requirement prior to issuing a license, so long as the applicant has an examination date scheduled at an open testing location that offers the ROC exams.  Applicant will need to sign the form to waive testing per Govenor Duceys Executive order and include this with the application.

  • Form a Legal Entity

    In Arizona, a license may be issued to a sole proprietorship, limited liability company or a corporation. LLC's and corporations are required to register with the Arizona Corporation Commission. We can setup and register your entity with the appropriate state agencies, Sole Proprietorship $20, Domestic Limited Liability Company ($495), Domestic Corporation in Maricopa or Pima county $495 other counties $600.  If you have a LLC or Corp in another state and want to register that entity to transact business in Arizona we can help for $775, plus certified articles and certificate of good standing from the domicile state, this cost can vary depending on what state.

  • License Bond

    You must submit proof of a license bond. We can write your bond simple and efficiently, there are six license categories and each one has a different minimum bond amount requirement and premium cost.  Commercial General 5,000 ($88), Residential General 9,000 ($473-$945), Commercial Speciality 2,500 ($88), Residential Speciality 4,250 ($222-$298), Dual General 14,000 ($561-$1,030), Dual Specialty 6,750 ($311-$386). For more details about the bonding requirements you can visit the ROC bond information page.

  • Provide Government Issued Identification

    All owners of the entity and the qualifying party in this license application must submit a copy of their government-issued identification with the application. Acceptable forms of identification include a valid driver’s license or passport.  You can upload a copy of your identification using the secure portal and upload them under the "My Documents Section" or they can be emailed to your licensing representative.

  • Background Checks

    Copies of the payment transaction receipt (cost for each background check is $7.45) from the background check for every person named on the license application. Background checks expire 90 days from the date it was ordered.  These receipts can be uploaded using or secure portal under "My Documents section" or they can be emailed to your licensing representative.

  • Pay the State Fees, Complete, Sign and Submit an Application

    There are six different license fee categories, General Commercial $780, General Residential $870, Specialty Commercial $580, Specialty Residential $720, General Dual $1,050, Specialty Dual $850. If you want to verify these fees please visit the state website license fee page.  There are questions that every applicant will need to answer this disclosure form can be filled out and uploaded using the portal.  Depending on the type of entity, will depend on the type of applicaton being filled out, call or email your licensing representative for the correct application pages.

Once all of the parts of the application are received we will submit it, everyone listed on the application will receive an email requesting online signatures, it will be reviewed by the Resgistrar of Contractors, if all paperwork is received and the Registrar of Contractors has no questions you should be issued the license.  If the ROC is missing or needs clarification on the application you will receive a deficiency letter requesting additional items, please notifiy us if you receive this letter.  After you have been issued the license and before you take your test the next step is to prepare for the test.

Finally, when you are licensed and you have taken and passed the test, the scores will need to be submitted to the Registrar of Contractors.