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  • The Future of Skilled Labor

    Published August 5th 2019 at 12:00am

    As technology becomes more and more present in our daily lives, it's easy to associate it strictly with the younger generation. After all, they're the iPhone-game-playing internet kids, right? However, it's more accurate (and more helpful) to realize that the next generation isn't just the next generation of technology, they're the future of skilled labor.

    Anyone who's attended high school in the last twenty years has seen the shift from traditional shop classes toward technology-focused electives. While computer-aided drafting and image manipulation skills are certainly beneficial in today's atmosphere, a closer look at modern America reveals that the missing piece for Generation Z may be Shop Class.

    Many students⁠—brilliant, driven students⁠—don't exactly connect with the traditional curriculum. Algebra and Calculus don't always make sense to them, and the themes of The Great Gatsby seem unimportant. These are students that would have thrived in the 1960s and 1970s, producing tremendously impressive works in shop class. However, due to the move to more modern technology, they're left feeling that they're just not smart enough for school.

    As America's economy continues to thrive, we're in the middle of a construction boom. However, the skilled labor market is starting to thin out, as graduating class after graduating class enters the workforce without the practice they need to become skilled laborers in the market. Shop Class has helped to unite different groups of students who learn and study differently, and it's needed now more than ever. There's millions of talented future construction workers who have the potential to make the industry stronger than ever, but they're not getting the support they need during their teenage years.

    The return of shop class, along with more widespread support for skilled labor careers, is the silver bullet America needs to continue its economic boom. It's foolish to let technology replace the jobs that the country was built on. Skilled labor will continue to be a critical part of America, and it's important to nurture talented workers with classes starting in high school. Whether you were a beneficiary of shop class, or simply wish it had been available for you, we understand your business. If you're looking to expand it or have questions about state exams,  contact us  to talk shop.


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