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  • The Construction Industry: Exciting and Innovative

    Published February 28th 2020 at 12:00am

    From the first human-built shelters to the massive office buildings, solidly-built homes, sports stadiums, medical complexes and bridges of today, no other industry played or will play such a crucial role in human history as the construction industry.

    Always changing, innovating and growing, the construction industry leads the way in developing smarter technologies to meet the challenges of an ever-growing population. If that sounds like a recent trend, it's not. The earliest builders had the same drive, determination and creative minds. Take a look at what they did.

    Early Builders

    Shelter from the elements was the first crucial need for  early humans . Depending on where they lived and the resources available, early humans built shelters of grass, mud, animal skins, stones or a combination of whatever materials were at hand. Nomadic life made portable housing a must, but that was about to change.

    As humans experimented with different elements and techniques, more permanent structures became necessary. The people of Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia built permanent shelters where people lived close to one another. Towns became the norm and the modern era of construction began.

    The Industrial Revolution

    Ancient civilizations built better shelters and seemed to defy their capabilities with structures such as Pyramids. Construction techniques rapidly improved over the centuries.

    But it was during the  Second lndustrial Revolution, dating from 1870 to WWI, when everything changed. That's when mass-production of steel became possible with the  Bessemer process . Builders finally had a strong, inexpensive, nonflammable building material to use for construction. And, as they say, the rest is history.

    What's to Come? Exciting Innovations and Technological Advances in Construction

    Technology gives construction industry professionals a way to expand capabilities and attain new levels of superior production as well as safety. Here are some exciting  construction trends  to keep your eyes on.

    • Self-driving vehicles : Building sites need workers and construction companies must ensure worker safety. Because of the current skilled labor shortage, self-driving or  autonomous vehicles  solve two problems at the same time. They don't require a driver, and they're safer as they move around the site.
    • Virtual reality : As buildings and construction requirements become more complicated, virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR) technologies assist construction teams, designers and architects to detect errors and improve designs.
    • 3D printing:  It's now possible to use 3D printing to build an entire house in a day. Although still in its infancy, the concrete 3D printing industry exhibits massive growth already. With its cost benefits and automation capabilities, 3D printing has a foot in the door and only looks to play a great role in the industry.
    • Sustainability:  Reducing a structure's biological impact has been part of construction's fabric for some time. However, recent innovations mean an even greater reduction in environmental impact. For example, concrete roofs that store and generate energy are now possible. Other trends gaining traction include reusing construction waste and vastly improved insulation.

    If you're a plumber, builder, electrician, construction tradesman, truck driver, or you're just ready to strike out on your own, don't wait.  Contact us  at the Arizona Contractor License Center for your free consultation. We'll give you the tools you need to pass your license exam and begin an exciting new career as a licensed Arizona contractor.


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